Over The Moon Dog Training Can Help

We help with cats too!

Everyone wants their pet to be a great companion who listens and complies, but using harsh dog training methods and punishment can often result in worse behaviors or a breakdown in your relationship with your pet.

In fact, using force-free training methods are the quickest way to increase the likelihood of your dog being well-behaved most often.

Our training methods are also effective on cats, so if you are struggling with your feline friend’s behavior (aggressive scratching/biting, litterbox issues, etc.) we can help you find solutions too!

Over the Moon Training provides training techniques that are easy to implement and maintain so that you can have the consistently well-mannered four-legged friend you’ve always dreamed of.

Whether you’re introducing a newly-adopted shelter dog or cat to your home and family, raising a rambunctious puppy or kitten, or dealing with more serious behaviors, we can help.

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“Her results are wonderful and the degree of respect she gives the dogs is amazing.”

“Laurie Korte approaches the art of dog training with a degree of empathy and understanding not often found among trainers. Her capacity for communicating the needs of the dogs to the owners is terrific. Her results are wonderful and the degree of respect she gives the dogs is amazing.  I wish she could have trained my children!”
— Laura Burgess, Wildflower Havanese
Kittredge, CO


Basic obedience • Socialization • Adoption counseling • Barking • Jumping • Pulling on leash • Housetraining • Chewing • Protectiveness over food and toys • And more


Housetraining/Litter box training • Furniture scratching • Aggression (Swatting, Hissing) •  Introducing cats and dogs • Multiple cat households • And more

Solutions for your schedule

  • Convenient in-home sessions
  • Private counseling for problem  behaviors
  • Drop-in basic to advanced obedience classes

Why choose Over The Moon?

  • Training plans tailored to your pet
  • One-on-one attention by a professional trainer
  • 100% humane methods backed by science