Other Subjects Than Dog?

I want to start a blog that has nothing to do with dog training. It will be a place where I can share my thoughts and opinions about religion, politics and other subjects not suitable for polite company. I would discuss my marriage: what works and why, and maybe even what’s not working.

I would discuss why I think that social media has brought us all together and also how it has rent our society into shreds.

I would talk about feelings and vulnerability and bravery and how I’m trying to live whole-heartedly. I might even write a review of the Brene Brown books I’ve read.

Would it draw readers? Why would I care? Those questions also sound like great blog post subjects.

The thing is, you’ve probably come to my site looking for help with your dog or cat. My views on spirituality, sexuality and world leaders do not influence how I train your dog or teach you about your pet’s behaviors. Or do they?

Perhaps if I hadn’t spent my entire adult life seeking my self and learning about my beliefs and questioning human behavior (as well as feline and canine behavior), I would not be at a place where I understand at a fairly deep level how our pets deal with us and our lives in their own individual, yet usually species-specific ways.

What do you think? Would you like to know my thoughts on subjects other than dog and cat training?

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