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Why choose Over The Moon?

  • Training plans tailored to your pet

  • One-on-one attention by a professional trainer

  • 100% humane methods backed by science

Over the Moon’s Classes are currently on break. However, we are still conducting private, in-home training sessions. For more information check out our Private Training information.

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Fun with Manners

Call/text (405) 696-7872 to get started

Location: Class currently on break
Prerequisite: Must attend our complimentary Orientation class

This is much more than a simple obedience class for your dog.

Our Fun with Manners’ drop-in structure is similar to a martial arts class where all skill levels are welcome, and you can start anytime!

Each week we use fun and games to build basic good manners, like coming when called, walking nicely on leash, and just generally listening to you!

These basics gradually work into more complex behaviors that stand up to the distractions of the outside world, like meeting strangers and other dogs politely.

The drop-in structure of this class saves you money in the long run. Vacation coming up? Extra busy at work? No problem — take a week off; we’ll be here when you’re ready to return. Want to get started right away? No need to wait longer than next week!

Please call/text (405) 696.7872 to confirm.


Relaxing Rover

Call/text (405) 696-7872 to get started


Maximum 3 students per class
Prerequisite: Laurie’s prior approval

Does your dog seem to have an endless supply of energy?

Are your walks together more like a tug-of-war?

Does your usually sweet dog lunge and bark at other dogs? Does he get overly excited when meeting people, jumping up on both strangers and friends?

Teaching your dog to focus on you in the face of distracting situations can be extremely challenging, but when it’s practiced in a well-controlled environment, the training translates to a dog who simply behaves more calmly and collectively over all.

Due to the special nature of the dogs who need this class, you must attend at least one private consultation with Laurie as a prerequisite.

Clients often start with Laurie in private sessions, and then their dogs become candidates for working in highly-controlled, small-group settings with other dogs.

This class’s main goal is to teach your dog to focus on you in gradually more distracting environments, always setting everyone up for success.

Please contact us for more information.